By Vicky Vickers

Please excuse my doggerel verse,
Sometimes it's even somewhat worse.
Perhaps some day I'll really care,
And then my poetry will better fare.

(Copywrited material, please do not quote or print without
the express permission and acknowledgement of the author.)


The girl was beautiful
    But the mood didn't last
        Maybe the next one ...

The job was great
    But the boss was an ass
        Maybe the next one ...

The apartment was comfortable
    But the neighbours were weird
        Maybe the next one ...

The town was pleasant
    But the jobs were scarce
        Maybe the next one ...

The bar was quaint
    But the waitress was a snob
        Maybe the next one ...

I'll have another drink
    And this mood will pass
        Maybe the next one ...

All of this moving on
    Is getting me down
        Maybe the next one ...

In all this world
    There must be a place for me
        Maybe the next one ...

Everywhere I go
    I take the same problem
        M Y S E L F ! ! ! ! !


(Juvenille Rambling, age 11)

Oh how the wind blows thought the trees,
And how the school children are restless indeed.
The sun and leaves play patterns on the wall,
And oh how the winds do loudly call.

Oh the night is windy and scary too,
And the black owls go how-ow-ow.
Oh how the wind whistles around the house,
And the children in their beds do grouse.


When the love of your life decides to leave,
And has left you forever alone to grieve,
How do you manage to cope and survive,
Getting through each day just staying alive.

They've packed a bag, walked out of the door,
They're gone for good, to return nevermore,
While you with a new broken heart sit,
And feel like throwing a terrible fit.

Just put one foot in front of the other,
Don't be tempted to run home to mother,
And when in the morning you lie in bed,
Make orderly plans for the day ahead.

As busy days pass you will surely find,
The love of your life is off your mind,
And after the stages of grief are through,
You'll be contented with just being you.

It is only when you are happy with self,
That you can really get off of the shelf,
For then the happiness in your eyes,
Will be mirrored in another's sighs.


(Juvenille Rambling, age 14)

In the glorious days of spring,
The little birds come back to sing.
And as their wings darken the sky,
I look at their gift of flight and sigh.

The trees open their buds to air,
And nobody seems to have a care.
The flowers push up from the earth,
And even the bulbs give new birth.

Also, with the coming of the spring,
On the bride the groom slips the ring.
And as everyone gathers to cheer,
The little bird's song sounds very near.


Your eyes pleading
      Speaking of Love

Your heart beating
      Feeling that Love

Your mind denying
      Afraid of Love

Your eyes searching
      Looking for Love

In the curve of a leg
      And the beauty of a face

Your heart pounding
      You've found that Love

Your mind confused
      She's denying your Love

Your eyes pleading
      "How do I know Love?"

Your heart beating
      "Will I ever know Love?"

Your mind denying
      You can learn to Love.


(Juvenille Rambling, age 11)

    On top of old baldy,
    All covered with flesh,
    There stood a little birdy,
    Just trying to make a nest.

On top of old baldy,
There stood a little birdy,
Just trying to make a nest,
But couldn't thou he tried his best,

He tried to find some hair,
But he coudn't find it there,
So he pecked and he pecked,
Cause he was as mad as heck.

He hurt the old man badly,
Because his name was Bradley,
You can still see those holes today
That bird made long ago yesterday.


I once loved a man
    With beautiful eyes

They looked at me
    Sending love into my heart

They pleaded with me
    To help him understand

Where love is
    And how it is found

My answer to him
    Is simple and plain

First love yourself
    And you will find

The ability to love others
    Was there all the time


Four little cars in a row
All of them going slow

The last one wanted to go fast
So he stepped on the gas to pass

But to his horror and shame
Around the next corner there came

Four more little cars in a row
All of them, also going slow

Their last car wanted to go fast
Which resulted in a horrible crash

Eight little cars in a heap
All of their drivers, dead asleep!


Sitting in his self made prison cell
    Behind his own impenetrable walls

Alone and longing for the freedom
    To hold a woman in his arms

Looking everywhere for the key
    Despairing of ever finding it

The prisoner looks outside his cell
    For the answer to his dilemma

Beyond the walls of his mind
    Waits the lady of his dreams

Longing to feel his love in her heart
    And the touch of his arms around her

Condemned to share with him
    His self imposed sentence of solitude

She tries to climb the walls
    But finds them much too high

She tries to break them down
    But finds them much too strong

Disappointed she turns and walks away
    Sadly looking back at him

Sorrowfully he sits in his lonely cell
    A prisoner of his own emotions


(Juvenille Rambling, age 14)

Holly's the name of my sister,
And oh how I love to kiss her.
But when I ask her for one,
Boy doesn't she know how to run.

Then I have to cry and plead,
Till she's sorry for me indeed.
And comes running back to me,
So I can lift her upon my knee.

So cute is my sister dear
That I love to hold her near.
But loving to torment comes my brother,
Oh dear now, what a fuss and bother.


In love with a man
    Who doesn't love me
How, oh how
    Can this ever be

The years stretch ahead
    In endless rows
Empty, so empty
    Of beautiful prose

My pleasures it seems
    In numbers are few
What, oh what
    Can I ever do

Nothing is important
    Anymore to me
Restless, so restless
    I sure seem to be

I could leave this town
    It is not very kind
Maybe, just maybe
    My future I'll find

Or I could stay here
    Sit and wallow in grief
Really, oh really
    That is not my belief

Wherever I go
    And whatever I do
I know, oh I know
    My grief will go too

To this sad question
    What is the answer
Feelings, my feelings
    Spread like a cancer

From this horrible longing
    I need to be free
Why, oh why
    A way out I can't see

It seems I can't have
    What I most want in life
Death, sweet death
    Might end all this strife

The poison I've chosen
    Could be painful and slow
Smoking, ugh smoking
    Has sure got to go

However what pleasures
    As seem to be left
Keep me, yes keep me
    From planning my death

I must keep on going
    Plodding along my way
Hoping, and hoping
    To make it though each day

Each day at a time
    Alone I must live
Trying, yes trying
    My life not to give

I must structure my life
    For a change around me
Strength, oh strength
    I need in quantities, see

I have fought so hard
    To come this far you know
Where, oh where
    From here do I go

I must live my own life
    Make friends of my own
Life, bitter life
    Then won't seem so alone

He never will change
    I feel as I'm out on a limb
I must, yes I must
    Let go my feelings for him

It is amazing really
    How much I have grown
Afraid, so afraid
    To live life alone

Someday in the future
    I'll look back to this time
To see, yes to see
    Why my life wasn't mine

I must do my best
    With the person I am
I know, oh I know
    God helps when he can

If I can relax
    Not my future to force
Sweeter, yes sweeter
    Will be life of course

When my life is over
    I can look back and see
Happiness, true happiness
    When I learned to be free!


(Juvenille Rambling, age 14)

An artist loves to sit in the park,
And paint good pictures of the lark.
And for the background scene,
He uses the pretty things he sees.

The lovely lilies in the pond,
Look as pretty as the swimming swan.
And the children playing on the swings,
Make him think of lots of things.

Comes one little duck named Tim,
Who likes to eat bread from him.
As the sunset comes and goes,
Close the petals of the rose.


We are two damaged people in a damaged world
    For a short time our paths have crossed
We met as I was struggling up the path to recovery
    And you were sliding slowly on the down trail.

Now and then as our paths were close to each other
    You reached out to help me in my painful climb
As time passed the distance between us slowly grew
    As you slid past me and I kept climbing upwards.

Occasionally, you would drag yourself back up
    Just enough to give me a little push.
But it is getting harder for you to do that now
    As the space between us widens.

Because I cared I have paused a little in my ascent
    To try and help you stop your painful slide
But the time has come when I can stay no longer
    I must continue alone on my upward path.

Sometimes I can hear you cry out for help
    And I have tried to throw you a lifeline
But I am not strong enough to pull you up alone
    And the only line I have is short and weak.

My hope for you is that you can find the courage
    To ask someone nearer the top for a stronger line
Before you reach the hill's final steep slope
    And crash into the lonely pit at the bottom.

Unfortunately, you're still slipping down so slowly
    You're not afraid enough to ask others for help
You know that nobody can help you until you ask
    And are ready to help yourself.

So I continue my lonely climb to the top
    Missing my friend who helped me so much
Wishing that I had been able to convince you
    To climb near me on nearby uphill path.

We could have shouted words of encouragement
    And given each other a push now and then
Shared our triumphs when we progressed far
    And comforted each other when we slid back.


Oh, Netherlands, beautiful Netherlands
Land of my dreams, I love you so.

Before I felt your sweet caress,
I saw you in my dreams,
Your windmills, dykes and wooden shoes,
And tulips in the breeze.

Oh, Netherlands, beautiful Netherlands,
Land of my dreams, I want you so.

The first time that I stepped,
Upon your sandy soil,
A sense of serenity, peace and belonging,
Calmed my lonely soul.

Oh, Netherlands, beautiful Netherlands,
Land of my dreams, I need you so.

Even on the coldest days,
I was warmed from deep inside,
By the smiles of your friendly people,
And the humour twinkling in their eyes.

Oh, Netherlands, beautiful Netherlands,
Land of my dreams, I love you so.

Though you are so very far away,
I have just to close my eyes,
To see your sharp silhouette,
Against your clear blue sky.

Oh, Netherlands, beautiful Netherlands,
Land of my dreams, I miss you so.

Someday to you, I must return,
To feel once more your gentle wind,
Caress my lonely face,
And your rain, wash away my tears.


Gentle thoughts
    Gentle hands
        Touching me

Eyes of passion
    Caressing me
        Undressing me

Strong arms
    Holding me

Gentle probings
    Of love
        Taking us higher

Higher and higher
    A moment of joy
        And another

Eyes crinkled
    With passion
        Gazing at me

A final moment
    Of ecstasy

Quiet now
    Arms around
        Legs entwined

Quiet thoughts
    Gentle voices

Descending slowly
    From heaven

Gentle eyes
    Understanding me
        Caring for me

Gentle hands
    Brushing a hair
        From my eyes

Its time to return
    To reality
        I LOVE YOU!


LOVE is not sharing,
    LOVE is wanting to share.

LOVE is not giving,
    LOVE is wanting to give.

LOVE is not being with someone,
    LOVE is wanting to be with someone.

LOVE is not sex,
    LOVE can be strong for your children, for your parents and even for a friend.

Sex is not LOVE,
    Desire can be felt for a person for whom you have no deep feelings.

LOVE is not helping,
    LOVE is wanting to help.

LOVE is not taking care of someone,
    LOVE is wanting to take care of someone.

LOVE is not doing something for someone,
    LOVE is wanting to do something for someone.

LOVE is a deep emotion that no man has
    ever been able to properly define.

By this definition are you in LOVE?
    I am and it's you that I LOVE.

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