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"Born in Victoria, you say . . . unusual!"

In 1983, Vicky started a free-lance business called "Girl Thursday Office Services" with only a typewriter and some accounting training and experience. She was introduced to Macintosh computers when her employer, Connor Development Services Ltd. computerized in the spring of 1985. Acquiring her own Macintosh in 1986, she added desktop publishing to her skills. In 1988, she decided that a change of name was due for the business, owing to its new direction. It was at that point that the name "Word Crunchers, Etc." was adopted.

As technology advances, Vicky finds that she must constantly add to her skills and change the main direction of her business. Currently, the Internet is the place to be! Consequently, she has been busy learning the technology connected with it. She has found designing websites fills her creative needs, so has decided to focus on that area, while continuing with her work in desktop publishing, FileMaker Pro templates, and providing training in Website Design, FileMaker Pro and basic Macintosh use.

Vicky is the vice-president (2001) of the Victoria Macintosh Users Group (VMUG) which she joined in the fall of 1985. She is also the Past-President (1994-96), Past Vice-President (1994), Past Chairperson (1993) of the Constitution and By-laws Committee and former webmaster (1995-98) of VMUG. Since 1995, she has been writting a monthly column (VMUG On-Line) for VMUG's newsletter, MACtalk, most of which can be found in her website library.

At the beginning of December 1995, she conceived the idea of a users group for persons designing websites with the mandate to assist its members in keeping up-to-date with technology in this fast developing area. After promoting it among friends, on her ISP and through a small article in the local newspaper, she received over 150 requests for information on the new group. Approxmately 100 persons attended the organizational meeting for the group on January 3, 1996 at which time Vicky was elected President and a name was selected - Web Enthusiasts Association of Victoria (WEAV). She also served on Weav's Constitution and By-laws Committee in early 1996.

Vicky is organized, creative and a quick learner. Her other interests and activities include reading (especially mysteries), keeping up to current events, crossword puzzles, needlecrafts (cross-stitch & plastic canvas), gardening (on her balcony!), family, walking, hiking, swimming, educational television, writing, music, driving and travelling.

January 18, 2001

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