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  • Ongoing education in website design techniques self-taught and through membership in the Web Enthusiasts Association of Victoria (founder / past-president), 1994 - present

  • Tai Chi, Crystal Gardens, Victoria, eight weeks, 2000

  • Wing Chun, Oak Bay Recreation, a defense-based Kung Fu, 1994

  • New Exporters Program, Federal Business Development Bank, twelve evenings over six months,1992-3

  • Peak Performance, Stress Skills & Wellness in the Workplace, Three E Training Inc., two-days, 1993

  • Designing with Desktop Publishing, York University, one-day seminar in Vancouver, 1990

  • How to Handle Difficult People, Career Track, one-day seminar, 1990

  • Self-Discovery and Decision Making, Women's Studies, University of Victoria, evenings, 1989

  • Ongoing education in Macintosh Operating System and software self-taught and through membership in the Victoria Macintosh Users Group (past-president / former webmaster), 1985 - present

  • Entrepreneurialism, University of Victoria, Extension Department, evenings, 1987

  • Assertiveness Training: Advanced, Camosun College, evenings, 1986

  • Peer Counselling, Esquimalt Community Office, 1986

  • Interpersonal Communications, University of Victoria, Extension Department, evenings, 1985

  • Assertiveness Training, Camosun College, evenings, 1984

  • Accounting Clerk Diploma, Camosun College: Business Division (grade average 96%, typing speed 50 wpm). Six-month course completed in three months including: Typing, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Business Math, Business Machines, 1977

  • Empathy Training, Camosun College, evenings, 1976

  • Business Management Diploma, Camosun College, evenings, included courses in: Work Study, Public Relations, Personnel Management, Psychology, Retail Management, Advertising and Promotion, Effective Supervision, Effective Communications, 1970-3

  • Attended General Business School for four and a half months, studying accounting and typing, 1960

  • Graduated from Victoria High School with University Entrance Certificate (1960)

Vicky Vickers
Office Skills
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Website Design
Desktop Publishing
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Vicky Vickers
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