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Connor Development Services Ltd.
Job Description


Manage the office, mostly unsupervised. Do the bookkeeping. Supervise casual staff. Answer telephone and handle inquiries in employer's absence. Reformat computerized material produced by employer. Fill publication and video orders. Computer system and file management. File, archive and/or recycle office paper. Monitor and order supplies. Operate and maintain photocopier, fax machine, electronic telephone system and answering machine. Research and learn new technologies.

Design and maintain large World Wide Website (www.connor.bc.ca/connor).

Design new databases and make design changes to current ones to meet the changing needs of the business. Maintain a master database with close to 5,000 records. Databases include: master list of clients and prospects, invoices, cheques, deposits, summaries, etc.

Desktop Publishing
Typeset and layout of quarterly newsletter, advertisements, brochures and flyers for the Company and clients, often on a tight schedule. Liaise with graphic artists and printer during production. Acquire quotes from printers and ensure they meet deadlines. Generally supervise each project from conception to finished product.

Prepare bank deposits (database), including payments by VISA and deposit them in the ATM. Maintain the current balance of, and transfer funds between, three bank accounts including a US funds account. Reconcile bank accounts monthly.

Maintain payroll database. Calculate employee deductions. Pay the Receiver General monthly using bankline. Check consultants time and expense sheets, noting GST and PST. Prepare T4s annually.

Merchant VISA
Fill out VISA charge slips and acquire credit approval. Prepare charge slips for deposit.

Accounts Receivable
Invoice clients for publications, videos, workshops and consulting services. Enter all invoices, payments, PST and GST into accounts receivable database.

Accounts Payable
Prepare cheques (database) noting bookkeeping entries on the stub. Prepare monthly unreimbursed statement (database). Handle petty-cash. Summarize credit card statements (database). Pay credit cards using bankline. Calculate and pay PST and GST.

Enter accounts receivable, bank deposits, check stubs and other items into computer bookkeeping program. Produce monthly statements. Prepare books at year-end for accountant.

Mail, Shipping & Receiving
Handle incoming and out-going mail and couriers. Ship book and video orders. Keep up-to-date with postal and courier regulations and costs.

Attributes Required
Knowledge of Macintosh operating system, maintenance and repair. Familiarity with the following programs: Aldus PageMaker (desktop publishing), FileMaker Pro (date-base) and MacWrite Pro (word-processing), plus programs for graphics, e-mail, fax, modem, compression and system maintenance. Bookkeeping experience, including knowledge of payroll, merchant VISA, PST and GST / HST regulations, and bookkeeping programs is essential. Excellent typing speed and accuracy. Knowledge and experience with website design. Postal, courier and export regulations. Experience in the use of typewriter, photocopier, fax machine, electronic telephone system, calculator, postage machine and scale. Good mechanical aptitude and an ability to troubleshoot. Ability to work fast and accurately under pressure and manage stress. A willingness and ability to keep up with modern technology.

Vicky Vickers
Office Skills
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Website Design
Desktop Publishing
Job Description:

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Vicky Vickers
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